Monday, November 23, 2020
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Does Your Dog Put His Paw on You? This Is What He’s Trying to Tell You

Everybody loves their dogs as the dogs love them back but very few stops to think whether their pet is actually showing affection in return or is he saying something else. You will be surprised by the answer.

There have been studies that conclude that having a dog as a pet is a very positive thing in life and walking a dog on a regular basis has very good effects for the human as well as the dog. The dog returns the favor by being there every time the human needs assistance or help.

Many dog owners have seen their dogs communicating with them by using their paws. So when you see your dog or pup using his paw and signaling something, you should pay extra attention because this is their way of properly communicating with you.

According to a god trainer, Rebecca Forrest, dogs have the same emotions as humans and they also show different signs to express their feelings to humans. We need to be observant and we will see that clearly. If our dog is putting his paws in our lap when we are stroking him, it means he likes you for doing it and is thankful to you.


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